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Tears moistened Newt’s eyes, and Thomas was sure that even within the dark chamber of memories that were locked away, out of his reach, he’d never seen someone look so sad.
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The Maze Runner cast @ the Apple Store in London x

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but can we talk about this dramatic close up shot real quick. like look at that wind blowing. is this a hair commercial? did he just see the love of his life for the first time?


but can we talk about this dramatic close up shot real quick. like look at that wind blowing. is this a hair commercial? did he just see the love of his life for the first time?

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Things I’m excited for:
 the maze runner movie
Things I’m nervous for:
 the maze runner movie

the maze runner series: a summary


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The doors of the Maze will overwhelm you. Watch this new clip from The Maze Runner!


It’s Monday, therefore James Dashner has written us a short to see into another Glader’s experience going up the box.

This week, Chuck! [x]


Newt worrying for his friend and best friend to make it before the doors close.

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Welcome to the glade.

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it makes me so happy how much recognition wes is getting for this movie, especially as a young director. nobody ever pays as much attention to the director as they do to the cast of a movie even though the director is like making the movie and i think it’s fantastic that he’s at all these q&a’s and photoshoots and everything and everyone genuinely cares about what he has to say about the film. honestly like people ask him stuff and pay attention to him just as much as they pay attention to the cast and i’m just so happy for wes he’s such a cool guy and i love him and i hope he continues to be successful and eventually obtains the perfect baseball caps for every occasion wes deserves everything ok

The movie differs from the book in the sense that he’s a runner so we didn’t have to deal with this question. In the book, I wanted it to be a sign of things changing. It was supposed to represent that a Griever had actually come inside the Glade for the first time, even if briefly. But no one knew for sure.
James Dashner answering, “How did Ben get stung if he is a builder?"  (via wickedisgood)
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SPOILER: He loves cheese, he remembered sweet things about his family right before the end, and he was reincarnated as a parrot that becomes Thomas’s talking pet.
James Dashner answering, “Can you tell us 3 unknown/not mentioned facts about Newt?” (via wickedisgood)
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do you ever look at your url and go “hell yeah”

This is a tough one for me. I feel like learning their real names in some ways takes away from the effect of what WICKED did to them. They stole everything from them, even their real names. And as Thomas chose later on, most of them didn’t want to go back to who they were before. We’ll see.
James Dashner answering, “Will we ever learn Gladers’ real names?” (via wickedisgood)
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'The Maze Runner' Sountrack - Tracklist


1 - The Maze Runner

2 - What is This Place

3 - My Name is Thomas

4 - Ben’s Not Right

5 - Banishment

6 - Waiting in the Rain

7 - Into the Maze

8 - Griever!

9 - Going Back In

10 - Why are We Different?

11 - Chat with Chuck

12 - Section 7

13 - Maze Rearrange

14 - Griever Attack

15 - Trapped

16 - WCKD is Good

17 - Thomas Remembers

18 - Goodbye

19 - Final Fight

20 - WCKD Lab

21 - Finale

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